Welcome to The Buffalo Restaurant & Bar

About the Buffalo Restaurant

The Buffalo Restaurant and Bar is a combination of four different buildings ...each of them rich in history and legend. The main building is the core and was built in 1881. It was the home of the Golden Rule Mercantile Store. The other adjoining buildings have flourished as feed stores, hotels, and a recording studio. The main building of the Buffalo was remodeled and opened as a billiard hall in 1906. John Rohner, who fought for the heavyweight championship of the world, ran it. Mr. Rohner was a bartender in the building next door, originally the Worth Bar, built in 1904. Rohner asked Worth for a 5 cent a day raise, and was promptly turned down. He stomped out, vowing to put Worth out of business. True to his word, he bought and remodeled this building and in 1906 opened it as John Rohnerís Bar and Billiard Hall.


The antique bar, back bar and breakfront were built in the early 1860ís in Chicago. They were brought here by wagon train to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Telluride, Colorado. Billy the Kid was a frequent visitor there. When the Cosmopolitan was closed, the bar and cooler were moved to the Belle Star Room of the Windsor Hotel in downtown Denver. The Windsorís fate was the wrecking ball. However, the bar was spared and moved to Idaho Springs where it was restored to its original splendor.

Adding to our unique Western atmosphere, the Buffalo houses one of the most outstanding collections of antique signs in the area, and there is an original 1865 New York Herald newspaper telling of President Lincolnís assassination